Happy Geese:

Two classic board games in one App.

Designed to help your child learn them one step at a time.


Customizable board games

Happy Geese allows young children and children with ASD, ADHD and other special needs to learn classic board games, one step at a time.

In Happy Geese we have taken two of the most popular board games and have analyzed all the main challenges that they include. We have then created a highly simplified version of each game and added a simple mechanism that allows you, the parent or educator, to gradually introduce each feature of the game when your child is ready for it.

 Customizable boards game

The Game of the Goose

The Game of the Goose: a traditional and highly popular board game, but with a variety of challenges.

In Happy Geese, you will be able to choose between boards with shapes of increasing difficulty and add challenges one at a time: dice with colors, shapes, letters and numbers, jumps between geese, bridges between cells, final cell configuration. We have even included visual aids to help see what the next move should be.

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 The Game of the Goose

Snakes & Ladders

Snakes & Ladders is another hugely popular classic board game, played by families all around the world.

In our version of Snakes & Ladders, you will be able to choose between boards with shapes of increasing difficulty. You can then combine these with a wide variety of options: cells with colors, shapes or letters, a variety of dices, snakes and ladders.

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Snakes and Ladders 

Clear Educational Benefits

Besides being fun to play with the whole family, our games have been designed to offer specific educational benefits:

Our games are different

  • Learn and follow a set of simple game rules
  • Learning of 30 basic concepts with different dice and boards: colors, shapes, numbers and vowels
  • Practice simple sums with double dice
  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Stay concentrated and focused with a clutter-free design
  • Develop the ability to wait for your turn

Many details have been thought through and included in Happy Geese to help the whole family to have fun whilst learning a variety of new skills.


It seems like the launch of Happy Geese was only yesterday and we are already receiving many great testimonials from our users. We are thrilled about them and want to share a few here:

  • “At last, a game for our iPad that I can play with my son. He is 6 years old and loves it because the whole family can play together.”
  • “The design of Happy Geese is attractive and clean, and helps focus attention.”
  • “With our child we had tried to play board games. We had tried everything, even creating our own paper boards, but it didn't work. With Happy Geese we have found a game that he loves.”
  • “What was previously a tedious intervention program to learn board games and to wait for turns has become with Happy Geese, in one afternoon, a rewarding activity that we use to motivate our son.”
  • “I had tried for the last 4 years with no success to have my son playing these games with me and he did it with this amazing app that removes all the fine motor and concentration challenges and leaves what is essential of a game: share & have fun!"

Hearing about your experiences with Happy Geese is what motivates us to keep improving it and to develop more apps. If you have a story you'd like to share, please send it to us to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Available for iPad & Android


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