Who we are

Happy Geese has been developed by Appically, a company that specializes in the development of apps for people with special needs.

Appically was founded in 2012 near Barcelona, in the innovation center of ESADECREAPOLIS, by Francesc Sistach, David Deprez and a small group of private investors. 

Francesc and David have been developing software for mobile phones for many years and have previously participated in the development of a number of apps for people with special needs. Francesc is also the editor of iAutism, a website that publishes lists and reviews of this type of apps.



What we do

Happy Geese is only the first app developed by Appically: we are already working on other apps aimed at improving the lives of people with special needs.

Appically’s aim is to develop innovative apps that not only work better than other products, but also offer new functionality that no one else has thought about.  This can be seen in Happy Geese, where we offer something that few other apps do: entertainment for people with special needs. On top of that, we have also included features with clear educational value, such as helping to learn to take turns or recognizing colors, shapes and letters.



How we do it

With Happy Geese, we have taken classic games that are very popular in Europe and in America, and we have adapted them to the needs of children – and adults – for whom the standard Snakes & Ladders or the Game of the Goose are too complex or have confusing graphics. We have simplified the boards as much as possible whilst adapting them to the tablet format, and have converted the various game components into optional features. Our aim has been to make the games highly customizable but easy to configure.

We have applied all our experience in designing apps for smartphones and tablets, to create an experience for the players that is both simple and fun. We have combined this with all our knowledge of special needs and the advice from a wide range of professionals and experts in this field to create an app that we believe is truly unique.

Available for iPad & Android


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