The Game of the Goose


The Game of the Goose for everyone


What if you could teach your child all the rich features of the Game of the Goose, but one step at a time? What if you could help your child to learn to wait for his turn, or develop abstraction and attention skills whilst having fun?

If you have a very young child or a child with ASD, ADHD or other special needs, you’ll love our uncluttered boards and the ability to customize them by selecting only those features that you want.



An alternative to the classic game  



The classic Game of the Goose is cluttered and can be confusing. Different children learn at different speeds. What is obvious to one child can be a big challenge to another.

Waiting for their turn, for example, can be difficult to teach to children with special needs. However, everyone enjoys board games, especially together with brothers, sisters, friends and classmates.

And this is where Happy Geese is great: we have taken a classic board game like the Game of the Goose and have made it accessible to everyone.


Available for iPad & Android


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